Fire Pit Specs

Our Fire pits

Our handmade, custom fire pits are a great way to enjoy burning fires in your backyard, campout, or other gathering.  Our fire pits are easily portable and very durable.  Made from solid steel construction that will last through years of enjoyment.  They can be used with any kind of wood or charcoal.  Can also be used with a propane gas ring for a clean, no spark or ash hassle free fire.  A great option to use in the mountains when no open fire restrictions are in place.

  • Height:  24″ Tall
  • Diameter:  24″
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • 1/2″ Solid steel forged legs (welded on 3 sides)
  • Decorative hammered steel top band is  1 1/4″ x 1/4″.
  • Pre-burned finish allows for a natural patina.
  • To clean, simply spray out with a water hose.
    • When discarding ashes, use caution and ensure all hot ashes are completely out.
  • Made from recycled 55 gallon steel drums in varying gage thicknesses.

Our Process

Our fire pits start with your rendered drawing transferred to the steel barrel, then cut in by hand using a plasma cutter.  The legs are forged the old fashioned way with a coal forge and a hammer.  We shape the red hot steel into a variety of jigs for just the right shape for the legs and top band.  All the parts are then welded together with a flux core wire feed welder.  All the cuts are then smoothed out and sanded.

Drawing on the Fire pit

Cutting with a Plasma torch

Cutting in progress

Legs being heated in the forge for bending

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