How to Order – Pricing

Step 1:

Down load the blank template to sketch your thoughts or ideas on.  The Fire pits are basically 3 sided (area between each of the legs), the area above the legs can also be cut out (with some height limits).

Download Blank Form as PDF

Fire pit Design Diagram

Fire pit Design Diagram


Step 2:

Download Blank Form as PDF

Sketch in your thoughts on the layout and choose a font and /or silhouette image.

  • You can search the internet for silhouette images or fonts for inspiration.
  • You can also pick from any computer font styles.
  • Or Choose from a number of examples from our portfolio. (the one shown is a Western font)

Fire pit Design Layout Example


Step 3:

Contact us to submit your ideas and place your order.  Pricing varies based upon number of characters and images.…Some limits apply to ensure the long-term strength and integrity of the fire pit.


See below for a list of sample prices. Contact Us to see if your idea fits the specs for a custom or standard design.

Fire Pit Description Cost
Standard 0-35 Characters & 1-2 images $175
Custom 0-75 Characters and/or multiple images $200
Premium 0-75 characters with multiple or custom images $225
  • $25 deposit to begin work, with the balance to be paid upon completion and prior to shipping.
    • Accept cash, check, or Paypal .
    • Approximate completion time is just 3-5 days
  • Shipping Available with UPS ground (provide ZIP for shipping quote)
  • Shipping versions have removable legs for packaging
Welded tabs on each leg for added support

Welded tabs on each leg for added support

A single 1/2" bolt attaches each leg.

A single 1/2″ bolt attaches each leg.

2' x 2' x 1' box

2′ x 2′ x 1′ box